Thursday, October 9, 2008

Latest Project

I have been busy beading this doll and decided to take a break and show her off a little. This is a doll is dressed entirely in beads using mostly peyote stitch, with 24kt gold accents. So far I have 35 hours invested in her. The dress is still a work in progress. She has yet to be named. Any suggestions?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Just a thought.

I started a blog recently thinking the majority of the people who may view it are already EBW team members. I think of the this group as a support network. When I show my beadwork in person I leave a card with my Etsy address and the EBW team as a suggested search for more quality beadwork (trying to do my part in my way).

I sometimes talk to people in line at the checkout (you would be surprised how easy it is, just start fussing about everything being mass produced in China). I then say "Do you know there is a web site devoted to hand made quality items?" People are willing to pay a bit more for something that will last more than a year.

Have you checked out the latest lack of warranty on anything you purchase. How can someone put their hard earned money into anything that is only going to work for 90 days? We all do it.... I've been through 3 DVD players in 15 months. Funny my VCR that is 9 years old still works fine.

If we can get people excited about the, 100% cotton baby tees, hand made leather moccasins, pure olive oil soap, recycled paper stationary, a cloth baby doll (instead of an unrealistic plastic doll with big............lips), vegan candles. The list goes on. I think we are at at a point when people are being very careful about their money and, may be fed up with the big box stores telling them what to buy.

Besides its to expensive to leave the driveway. "Save gas and support a small buisness SHOP ETSY!!!!!" (who can make bumper stickers)?

Any other suggestions on how to promo are welcome.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Beaders Block

Its coloring time.
Do you get stuck in a color rut when designing? I sometimes feel like the colors in my bead pallet are never going to get used. Here is a tool that might help.
Color pallet generator is an online progam that lets you import a picture from the web and extract the colors.

Here is what to do open this web page. (Right click and open link in a new window)

Then open a new web page to google images (or any other image search you like)

I typed in "nature" in the image search and found a photo I liked.
Click on the photo and you will see a split screen appear. The photo you selected will be on top and the webpage it appears on is in the bottom frame.

Click on the photo in the top frame. This will give you the URL for the photo in the address bar of your browser.

Copy this link and paste it into the Color pallete Generator and press the button.

Cool huh?
The only image limitations I found is the picture must be under 800x800.

Heres some more samples.

Try searching animals, fabric swatches, flowers etc.

Well I'm off to rearrange my delicas.